“For almost ten years I’ve been attending rhythmic workshops, master classes, international meetings and congress around the world, checking out different approaches to the application of rhythm in music. I must say that the words ‘challenge’ and ‘difficulty’ summarize all presentations in those gatherings, no exception. However, during the 5th IRSA Meeting – International Rhythmic Studies Association – Mulle Holmqvist surprised all participants with his simple, intuitive and creative reference rhythm method. It was hard to believe, or even to accept, that all the work developed by serious practitioners through the years could be solved in a ‘friendly’ way by intuition. Even though his system doesn’t cover all polyrhythmic situations in music yet, it brought up a more musical and fun way of practicing it. Impressive.”

Dr. Marcelo Coelho
Brazilian saxophonist, composer, educator, researcher, founder of the IRSA (International Rhythmic Studies Association)

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