2010 – about the method and the book

"Mulle Holmqvist has come up with something so simple, it defies intellectual reasoning, pertaining to rhythmic superimposition. This has to be one of the most practical books ever written ready for immediate usage by any curious musician."

2015 – about Tuplet Trainer

"Mulle Holmqvist’s book on rhythmic superimposition is great, but of course with music it all comes down to hearing the results and applying them in real time performance. This app allows one to do that and truly interact  with the patterns. The results could immediately affect an artist’s rhythmic concepts towards more freedom and sophistication. What I describe in my lectures on jazz rhythm as playing 'against the time' is exactly what this app is about."

Dave Liebman
Saxophonist/educator, served with Elvin Jones and Miles Davis before decades of leading his bands; recipient of NEA Masters of Jazz (USA); French Order of Arts and Letters among other awards; www.davidliebman.com

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